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Welcome to the second season of Diamond Idol, a reality TV show where you can become the most talked about idol in the country. Your brother won the first season, and you are ready to follow in his footsteps. Winning this contest might be the only avenue to dancing with him on stage again. Make friends, train hard, and do whatever it takes to become this season's Diamond Idol!


Dia:dol is a game made for IGMC 2018. This prototype shows one possible outcome of the first two weeks of the contest. Dia:dol focuses on building the stats of the player character, performing in a weekly contest, and bonding with the other fourteen men who are in it to win. Dia:dol offers a wealth of art, fun characters, and a concept that we hope you'll enjoy!


If you're struggling to remember names, you can consult this image here. This was from the beginning of development, so don't mind the fact we changed how we were spelling Nikolai and other small design changes. ^^

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsMakioKuta, Racheal
GenreVisual Novel, Simulation
Made withRen'Py
TagsAnime, idols, igmc2018
Average sessionAbout an hour


Dia:Dol IGMC version 100 MB


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So I've played the demo about 4 or 5 times now, and I absolutely love it. I've been a fan of the studio since the early days of April was a Fool's release and all I could think was how similar this art style was, but I was so glad to see it was from the same studio. I love the training , and all the characters are so diverse in appearnce and personality I love it!

A couple notes: 

There are a couple missed words or typos in the demo, but nothing so bad it ruined the flow

I would love the ability to craft more of a persona (Choosing more nice, mean, sarcastic, or down to earth options which unlock more on air time with certain characters, make tv rivalries, and ultimately affect your interaction with your brother)

It would be cool if we could see stats on your current singing and dancing ability, and maybe certain events you could unlock abilities to see the levels of the others, say in the second preformance when you get to watch some of the others you could gauge a range their abilities fall in, or if you slack off and talk to the others they may give you hints to where they fall

It seems (from a few play throughs) there is not much influence you have to shift your standing in the top three, but it would be nice to have something you can do to practice instead of being around the others at night. And just like Justin practices with Oliver, it would be cool if we could bond a tad and practice with another guy as well (like if one has higher dancing skill and one has higher singing skill they each gain a point in their lower area). Maybe even to the extent we could keep people from going home if we help them enough!

Honestly if none of these were implemented and the game stayed as its heading I'll be happy as can be. The twist at the end of chapter 3, the implications it has for the brother, how hes acting, the title of Ice, it was slightly being peiced together but not nearly to the level of twist that happened, even with the clue Jasper drops in the kitchen. Truly amazing groundwork and I'm sure it'll only get better. A great studio and I'm glad to see more happening from you!!

Finally finished the Demo. I'm not into Visual Novels, but if there's one thing that can hook me up, is the musical theme. Keep in mind that the following opinion, as well as the suggestions, come from a guy who never played VN before, at least not enough to fully understand the common structure of the genre.

Does that mean I didn't like it? Nope! I actually enjoyed it a LOT! I believe the most important element to create a good story is contrast - comfy scenes, light conversations and exposition, along with tension, mystery and even sadness. 

Another mechanism that I'm a fan of: Indirect character building - basically, when the player gets to know a character only by dialogue from other characters. The Prince of Ice, while serving as a Mcguffin at first, has become one of the most, if not the most interesting character in the Game for me. I really liked the way you shifted his role in the story.


I like the way the Game progresses in tone. Not only that, the subtle changes from "waking up late" to "waking up earlier than expected" show how much thought was put in every small detail. I also have to mention that my favourite scenes were the ones at my bedroom, looking at the phone and talking to myself - I like monologues and inner thoughts - Also, the music helped a lot! Reminds me of Chrono Cross =)

Placeholder Backgrounds, oh man, I love it! I really do. I'm one of those kind of guy who watches 1 hour of speedpaint, but closes the video before the final result... So looking and analysing the Background Images was kind of a "guilty pleasure" (is this the right term? Ah, doesn't matter).

I could talk for hours about the Game Flow, story bits, but let's move on to the suggestions.

> Choices: We all know a game can't have real consequences for every choice the player makes... it simply wouldn't be worth the effort. So why not include a little bit more of "shallow choices"?

- Let the player choose his food at breakfast table;
- You woke up late? Do your hair; brush your teeth; find matching clothes. Only one choice: Go! 

And last but not least, I'm always thinking about ways to insert gameplay bits amongst dialogue, and dialogue amongst Gameplay sequences... I know it's not a goal in VN, but why not some more simple "Reaction choices"? 
For example: Oliver asks: bla bla bla?
> Polite answer
> Sarcastic answer


I believe this is it for now. The game's structure is really solid - you focused on what's important and despite the placeholder art, as mentioned before, you managed to create a strong identity. Congrats!


1. Art is awesome, as expected and loved! (you know I love your art MakioKuta!)

2. I got a bit overwhelmed by the amount of characters in the game at first, there was a lot going on and I was a bit lost for a while, but as the game progressed I got more used to it. The ingenious way of showing the characters in the little boxes so the screen didn't get over crowded was brilliant!

3. I loved the mechanics for training, and the option to slack off, those were fun!

4. The story was interesting, and I liked the characters and theor little stories (except Perry, he annoyed me no end! Loved Nikolai, Langford and Chris though, and Daniel sounds like me when I get really into my phone games! lol. I liked how you let us get into the mechanics of the game, and get used to the general way things worked in the game competion while adding all the hints that you don't realise are important until what happens in Episode 3.

I was so surprised, and then was all "So that's a huge reason why his brother..." and I loved it. and I need more, so you had better hurry up and make more so I can get to the bottom of this mystery and win this contest!

In short, I loved the whole thing and look forward to more!

Thank you again for playing~~

It seems a lot of people have been overwhelmed by the number of characters. This is certainly something we'll be looking into for any future builds. While I wasn't expecting familiarity with all the characters right off the bat (each route would narrow in on certain groups of characters more than others), there were a few sentences that expected that knowledge when mentioning where people were going and doing and such in the narrative. I'm glad things got easier as it went on, but this is still a point we're going to be taking into careful consideration. Adding a guide to the menu (which was always something on our minds when we actually implement the friendship system) will be one way - but as the writer, I'll be trying to come up with ways to ease the narration as well.

Slack off is very rough in this build, but I'm glad the mechanics were fun!

Perry seems to have mixed feelings - I'm okay with that. he's going for a hit or miss appeal afterall haha

Ending the demo on the cliffhanger we did was our main aim! I'm glad it made things said earlier click into place. The host's wording (and my own wording in the game summaries) was something I had to watch closely. So the hints were there in retrospect.

Thanks again for playing! I'm excited by the positive feedback so we can move forward with confidence~!

Need more game like this and seiyuu danshi eee

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed what you've seen so far.

I am mad about what happened to a certain character though.

ahahaaa that's totally fair. Don't worry, the full version will not railroad you into that scenario specifically. -3-~*

He didn't deserve that just cause cause  he was tough to beat.....He's your avatar  profile picture for pete sakes.