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Very interesting game, both story and art wise!

So far, I've played only once, and, if referring to your answer to a previous commenter, got the Beach Ending? I think so at least? A bit weird since I was pretty sure I got high affection - I guess I messed up XD

I think a proper guide to the game would be helpful, even though I'm planning to try harder when I get the time!

Anyway, it was a cool game!

Question: What is with the merperson? It says it female, they all refer to it as her but it looks male, with the flat chest and all, what's it gender identity? Is it biologically female? I'm super confused, I hope I'm not seeming offensive...

Please pm me or something about how to get the 4th ending, I don't know how to pm on this site but I've tried SO many times and I can't get it ;-;

I'm not sure how to send a PM either! Hmmm... Well I can say this:

There's two different endings for each choice on the major last choice, one for low affection and one for high. There doesn't seem to be a way to do spoiler boxes in the comments either! What a pain... Feel free to email me if you'd like: or if you have twitter you can contact me there ( ) and I'll gladly help you out in greater detail.

Vaguely speaking though:

Free - low aff = Beach Ending

Free - high aff = Office Ending

Lab - low aff = Free Ending

Lab - high aff = Lab Ending

Affection refers to the mermaid's affection for the researcher. Again, I can go into more detail if you want over email or twitter DM!

Thanks for playing the game; I'm sorry that one ending has you stuck this long.

I emailed you. (: