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-Do you love me or the idea of loving me-

This is a story of a young researcher who, despite working at a laboratory for the study of oceanic cryptids, has never seen anything of the sort. When they help bring in a mermaid, the beauty and mystery of the creature instantly captivates them. The two struggle with their feelings and soon a big choice has to be made.

Caught by a Lure is a short Visual Novel created by MakioKuta and Racheal in a month for the 2016 ILUjam. As such, it's a game centered around romance, though I make fair warning that it's not the happiest of romances. The line at the start of the summary was the theme I wished to explore with it. The game features four different endings, each more cheerful then the last.

Originally we had planned for the story to have two main routes, one told from the researcher's POV and the other through the mermaid's. Unfortunately, time didn't allow us that luxury. We'll update the game at a later date with the other side, but for now you can only view the story through the researcher's eyes.

We were running REALLY close to the deadline of the jam, so the game is not as tested as the things we typically like to release! So if you see any typos, please let us know in the comments section below. Also, due to the lack of time, the backgrounds in the game are sketches for the most part. They are sketches with pretty colours - but I hope they don't detract from the game!

I know this may be a bit of a different spin on the romantic theme for the jam, but I hope people enjoy it.

Thanks for playing! <3

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorsMakioKuta, Racheal
GenreVisual Novel
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Caught_by_a_Lure-1.0-all.zip 88 MB


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HI sorry for bothering you about this here, but I couldn't seem to find any other way to ask.

Will April was a Fool and other projects be moved here as well? The website breaks everytime I visit. And this is my go to place to remember and replay games!


Very interesting game, both story and art wise!

So far, I've played only once, and, if referring to your answer to a previous commenter, got the Beach Ending? I think so at least? A bit weird since I was pretty sure I got high affection - I guess I messed up XD

I think a proper guide to the game would be helpful, even though I'm planning to try harder when I get the time!

Anyway, it was a cool game!

Please pm me or something about how to get the 4th ending, I don't know how to pm on this site but I've tried SO many times and I can't get it ;-;

I'm not sure how to send a PM either! Hmmm... Well I can say this:

There's two different endings for each choice on the major last choice, one for low affection and one for high. There doesn't seem to be a way to do spoiler boxes in the comments either! What a pain... Feel free to email me if you'd like: Shuta.Medu@gmail.com or if you have twitter you can contact me there ( https://twitter.com/MakioKuta ) and I'll gladly help you out in greater detail.

Vaguely speaking though:

Free - low aff = Beach Ending

Free - high aff = Office Ending

Lab - low aff = Free Ending

Lab - high aff = Lab Ending

Affection refers to the mermaid's affection for the researcher. Again, I can go into more detail if you want over email or twitter DM!

Thanks for playing the game; I'm sorry that one ending has you stuck this long.

I emailed you. (: